A Quick Primer on Limited Liability Companies and Partnerships (LLCs & LLPs)

A Limited Liability Company, or LLC, is a far newer type of business entity than a corporation, though they have quickly become the most popular type of business entity around. This rapid growth in popularity is because LLCs combine liability protection afforded by a corporation with a partnership’s lack of strict administrative rules and formalities. And let’s not forget that an LLC can also provide for tax savings as well. While it would be overkill to say you can form an LLC and immediately forget about its required formalities, it is the simplicity of the LLC that has made it hugely popular among small business owners who would much rather be running their business than scheduling shareholder and board meetings.

A Limited Liability Partnership, or LLP, is very similar to the LLC discussed above. In most situations, if you’re considering an LLC versus an LLP, choosing the LLC is the way to go simply because it affords you more options for growth and provides a better business structure overall. However, some states, like California, require certain professionals to form LLPs instead of LLCs for liability purposes. Some professionals, such as attorneys, architects, and accountants, are prevented by state law from organizing as an LLC, and therefore must form an LLP instead.

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Eric Norton

Eric Norton

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    Now this is some excellent information!!!! I wish my old lawyer had explained these concepts to me this well.

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    Great topic. I needs to spend a while learning more on this before me and my partner start our business. Thank you for this excellent info.


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