Trademark services are very important for those who need to protect their products and ensure that they receive credit for the distribution of certain products. The Law Office of Eric Norton offers trademark services that allow those who own the rights to products to protect those rights by registering their trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

What Is A Trademark?

trademark is a word or symbol that designates the specific manufacturer of a good and protects the exclusive rights of that manufacturer, according to 15 U.S.C. Section 1127.  If you have not trademarked your products, it is important that you do so immediately.

Am I Required to Trademark My Products?

No, you are not required to secure a trademark by law.  However, you will receive several benefits from trademarking your work, including:

  • Providing notice to the public that you own the trademark and rights to a particular product
  • Creating a legal presumption of ownership in case there is ever any question of someone else having the right to produce your goods
  • Gaining exclusive rights to use the trademark in connection with your goods.

Is It Always Appropriate To Secure a Trademark?

It is sometimes better to get some other type of protection for your work.  You may need a copyright, which protects proprietary rights to creative work, a service mark which protects your services rather than goods, or a patent, which protects your rights to an invention.  The Law Office of Eric Norton can help you determine which type of protection is right for you.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer To Help With A Trademark?

An intellectual property lawyer or a trademark attorney understands the issues related to trademarks and can guide you in the proper procedures for working with the government in registering your proprietary information.

How Can I Trademark A Name?

If you need to know how to register a trademark, it is important to have the help of the attorneys at Norton Law Corp.  We have worked with a multitude of clients in securing trademarks and other service marks; we can help you with your trademark registration and handle any issues that arise.  We offer the following services:

  • Trademark Search & Registration Services.  Your brand is one of your most important assets.  Because it is so important to protect your brand, we can help you take that protection to the next level by applying for federal trademark registration with the USPTO.  We will guide you through every step of registering your trademark with the federal government, which is the best way to truly protect your valuable products.
  • Tradmark Office Action Response.  If you have had problems trying to register your trademark, you are not alone.  Sometimes the trademark registration process does not go as smoothly as possible and problems arise. If there is a hitch along the way, the USPTO will send an office action notice.  You must respond to this notice in a timely manner or risk having your trademark application rejected.  If you have received an office action notice, we offer services to respond to anything the USPTO sends.  We can help you overcome any problems in getting your trademark registered in a timely manner to provide protection for your hard work.
  • Trademark Opposition Proceedings.  Unfortunately, not everyone respects trademark rights.  Whether you have caught someone trying to register a trademark that is staggeringly similar to yours or you have been the recipient of someone else’s trademark opposition proceeding, we can help you through the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board process.
  • Trademark Renewals.  There are very specific deadlines for renewing your trademark. We can help you keep track of these deadlines and file the necessary renewal applications so you do not have to worry about losing your rights.  Instead of struggling to keep up with confusing renewal deadlines, let us work with you to create a manageable schedule and give you the help you need to protect your trademark.
  • Trademark Monitoring Services.  Many business owners are surprised to learn that obtaining a trademark is just the beginning of protecting your products.  As a trademark owner, it is up to you to police your brand to ensure nobody is using it in an infringing manner or in a way that may make your mark generic. With our trademark monitoring services, we scan the marketplace so you do not have to.  This important service utilizes the latest technology to ensure that your brand integrity is protected and that someone else is not using your brand for their own purposes.
  • Trademark Licensing Services.  One of the best ways to increase revenues from your brand is licensing.  If you have an amazing brand, licensing your trademark may be an excellent way to help increase the money flowing into your business.  At The Law Office of Eric Norton, we can offer you help with almost any aspect of trademark licensing, helping you to improve your profit margin and protect your brand in the best ways possible.

The Law Office of Eric Norton can offer you the very best in trademark services because we have years of experience in handling trademark law issues.  We have helped hundreds of companies protect their brands through the proper use of trademark acquisition and protective practices.  We can help you make your mark on the world with your proprietary brand.