Can I Trademark My Blog?

YES (Mostly)!

While you cannot trademark the blog itself—the content, images, and other items on there are protected by copyright—you can absolutely trademark your blog’s name, logo, and tag line. So long as you’re branding and marketing your blog with it’s name, logo, and tag line, they are all trademarkable. Just remember to keep in mind that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will reject any applications for trademarks that are too generic, so come up with something original that’s not being used by your competitors, and you should be just fine. And even better, an original name for your blog will help you differentiate yourself in the crowded blogosphere.

If you’re a blogger who is interested in building your website into a household name, contact us today to speak with trademark attorney Eric Norton to discuss the importance of a comprehensive trademark clearance search and why trademarking your blog’s name, logo, and tag line may be the best way to protect your site’s reputation.

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