Can I Trademark a Livestock Brand?

YES! (Sometimes)

You can trademark a livestock brand under certain circumstances. Normally, trademarks are designed to protect products or services offered in commerce. As a result, the brand that you use to identify your livestock before slaughter can generally not be trademarked. However, if you have a unique brand that you use to identify your livestock, and you use that brand in association with your livestock products when they’re sold to consumers, slaughterhouses, or other businesses to identify that the meat came from your farm or ranch, then you may be able to register it for federal trademark protection. One of the keys here is whether your brand’s unique look identifies and distinguishes your livestock (and meat products) from other farmers, ranchers, and meat producers.

Regardless of whether you wish to register your livestock brand as a trademark, you need to register your livestock brand with the state in which you operate. Nearly every state with a large agricultural community offers livestock brand recording or registration services that you should absolutely take advantage of if you want to ensure your livestock does not (accidentally or purposefully) become misappropriated by any neighboring farmers or ranchers.

If you are in the agricultural business and you’re interested in learning more about trademark registration for your brand or recording your livestock brand with a state’s food and agriculture department, contact us today to speak with trademark attorney Eric Norton to learn how to make the most of your livestock brand.

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