Can I Trademark a Color?


You can absolutely trademark a color—though it is more difficult than some other trademarks—so long as that color is integral to your branding. And by integral, it must be so directly linked in the consumer’s mind that whenever a consumer sees that color, they will instantly recognize it as belonging to your company’s goods and services. A couple of examples include the robin’s egg blue color used by Tiffany’s and the pink color used by Pink Panther insulation. Color trademarks, when they are successfully registered, prevent your direct competitors from using that color as part of the brand identity for their goods and services, though it will not prevent businesses in other industries or sectors from using the same color as your trademark. After all, since there are only so many colors in the world, it wouldn’t make sense to give a company a total monopoly on the use of any one particular shade.

If your company uses a particular color as an integral part of its brand identity, contact us today to speak with trademark attorney Eric Norton to discuss the importance of trademarking your company’s color.

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