Can I Trademark an iOS App?

YES! (Mostly)

First off, you cannot trademark an iOS app itself. Similarly, you cannot trademark an Android app itself. Same goes for Windows Phone apps, Blackberry apps (hah!), etc. However, you can absolutely trademark the iOS app’s name, logo, or slogan provided you’re using that name, logo, or slogan to advertise and sell the app to the general public. If you’ve developed an iOS game and have unique and original characters in your game, you can trademark those too if they’re part of the logo.

Considering that the Apple App Store seems to be rife with clones, copies, and counterfeits all trying to cash in on the success of one popular app after another, a trademark can go a long way in establishing your iOS app’s (and your development team’s) credibility among users. And while a trademark does not protect how an app functions or the app’s GUI, it will prevent your competitors from cashing in on your success by coping your iOS app’s name or logo too closely, confusing the app-downloading public. If you need to protect the actual functionality of the app, then you’ll need to look to patent protection instead of trademark protection.

If you are an iOS app developer and want to secure the trademarks for your app, contact us today to speak with trademark attorney Eric Norton to discuss the importance of trademarking your iOS app’s name, logo, slogan, and characters.

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