Can I Trademark a New Word?


You can absolutely trademark a new word so long as you are using the word you just created to brand your products and services. In fact, fake, invented, or made-up words are generally considered to be some of the strongest and most protectable trademarks, since the new words used for your products and services have no meaning outside of your branding. As with all other trademarks, trademarking a new word does not protect that word from use by people in conversation, and you have to be especially careful your invented word does not get used as a verb for your products or services, generally. When that happens, you could end up losing the right to use your trademark due to the word becoming generic for the product or service you offer—commonly referred to as genericide.

If you are using a new, invented, or made-up word to market and sell your products or services, contact us today to speak with trademark attorney Eric Norton to discuss the importance of trademarking your brand’s name.

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