Can I Trademark a Food Truck?


The name, logo, and slogan for your food truck are absolutely trademarkable as long you are using that name, logo, or slogan to promote the your food truck’s services. As is the case for many businesses, trademarking your food truck’s name is imperative to protect your brand—especially with the growing number of food trucks on the road—and we often recommend that obtaining a registered trademark is one of the earlier legal expenditures you should invest in as a new successful food truck owner. The last thing you need when you’re trying to grow your food truck’s brand recognition is to find one of your competitors (especially one in the same metropolitan area) capitalizing on the goodwill you’ve built for your own brand.

On another important note, even if you decide not to register at trademark for your food truck when you start operating, a thorough trademark search is one of the first services you should hire a trademark attorney for before you even begin to get your food truck up and running. Helping businesses and foodpreneurs get off to a good start is what we do best here at Norton Law Corporation, and after you’ve settled on a couple of unique names for your food truck, conducting a search is a must, as there is always a possibility that someone else is already using the same name or something substantially similar, which could get you into trouble. We’ve seen it happen before—your business is running, everything is going smoothly, then you get the cease and desist letter telling you that you must stop operating your business under the brand you’ve worked so hard to build.

If you are in the process of building up a food truck empire, contact us today to speak with trademark attorney Eric Norton to discuss the importance of trademarking your food truck’s name, logo, and slogan.

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