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Business & Trademark Attorney
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Our full-service business law practice is designed to address the needs of business owners of all sizes. From budding entrepreneurs to seasoned business owners, we can not only get you started, but help your business thrive at rates any business owner can afford.


If you value your brand (and you should) we can help you protect it. With trademark registrations through the USPTO to helping you police and enforce your mark, out trademark services are comprehensive, affordable, and can help your brand soar.


We help artists, authors, photographers, and musicians address their copyright needs. Whether they’ve just created a new work they want to protect or they’re enforcing their rights against unauthorized distribution, we offer a full range of copyright services.

Business Law


Personal Services Designed to Help Your Company Thrive

Our comprehensive suite of business law services are designed with one thing in mind: the business owner. That’s why we specialize in not only helping businesses get started on the right foot—but counseling them throughout all stages of growth. Whether your goal is to be the next Google or improve your community with a little shop around the corner, we can help you achieve your highest potential. And because nearly all of our business services are billed at flat fees, you’ll never be hit by an unexpected legal fee.

At The Law Office of Eric Norton, our business is helping yours.


Trademark Law


Trademark Services to Protect Your Brand

At The Law Office of Eric Norton, we don’t believe in doing anything halfway. That’s why we offer our trademark clients a suite of comprehensive trademark law services. Everything from registering your trademark with the USPTO to protecting your brand long into the future. And if there’s a problem, we can help you sort it out no matter the complexity. Other than trademark litigation, we offer all of our trademark services at flat rates—and all of the work is done exclusively by trademark attorney Eric Norton.

Whether you have one brand or a thousand, we can register, monitor, police, and preserve your mark on the world. 


Copyright Law


Counsel for Creatives

If you’re the creative type: a photographer, artist, author, musician, then you know how much time and effort you spent creating your latest work. But regardless of how much of yourself you poured into your art, all it takes is a split second for someone to steal it right out from under you. With our suite of copyright services, we aim to provide a much needed sense of security to our creative clients. We offer registration services to announce to the world your art is yours, licensing services so you can capitalize on your work, and enforcement services to crack down on those who would pirate.

Our range of copyright and business services truly make us counsel for creatives.


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